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It’s another new season of Apex Legends and this means new items, changes and updates for players to explore. The Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry is the first-ever season with no new Legends but there are more than enough additions to keep fans happy. The Apex fourth anniversary season comes with a brand new rifle called the Nemesis Burst AR.

The Nemesis is a new energy-class assault rifle that fires four rounds per burst. It has a ramping burst delay that decreases the time between bursts. It also simulates a fully automatic weapon. The Nemesis Burst AR is the first weapon to be added to the game since Season 11 when Respawn added the C.A.R SMG. Moreover, it will be the sixth weapon to use energy ammo and fires four burst bullets each time.

Nemesis Burst AR  stats


Level 1 Helmet- 27 damage per bullet

Level 2 Helmet-23 damage per bullet

Level 3/4 Helmet- 21 damage per bullet


Level 1 Helmet- 108 damage per burst

Level 2 Helmet-92 damage per burst

Level 3/4 Helmet-84 damage per burst

Body 17 damage per bullet 68 damage per burst
Legs 13 damage per bullet 52 damage per burst

The Nemesis stats make it one of the highest damage guns in the game behind the Flatline in terms of damage to the head, body and leg. The base weapon starts at 20 without a magazine. It increases to 24 with level 1 mag then 28 with level 2 and holds 32 ammo with a purple mag.

How the Nemesis works in Apex Legends

Nemesis preview
Nemesis Burst AR| Provided by Respawn

The Nemesis Burst AR is joining the likes of the Hemlok with its burst-fire feature in Apex Legends. Moreover, the automatic trigger means that the gun will fire off shots so long as it is held down.

Additionally, the gun has an energy meter which fills up each team the weapon is fired. The fire rate of the weapon will increase relative to the charge. Every burst fired adds a 16.5% charge whether or not it hits enemies. Charges decrease by 15% per second after five seconds with no shot.

“With those two mechanics in mind, you can kinda just lay on the trigger and it’s gonna get faster and faster and faster, which results in a really smooth burst-fire weapon experience,” said Apex Legends lead weapons designer Eric Canavese.

The gun’s attachment options include 1x HCOG, 1x Holo, 1x-2x Variable Holo, 2x HCOG, 2x-4x Vartiable and 3x HCOG. Also, other attachments are the Barrel Stabilizer,  Extended Energy Mag and Standard Stock.

From the damage stats, the Nemesis Burst AR is certainly a weapon that could shake the meta and player’s dependency on the R-301 and Flatline. With the introduction of TeamDeatch mode in Apex Season 16, it will no doubt be one of the best guns to use overall.