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Thanks to a community member, Apex Legends players can now track how many Apex Packs they’ve opened. This is an important ability because players can’t open more than 500 of the game’s loot boxes without getting Heirloom Shards, provided the player in question doesn’t already own every available Heirloom Set. With the Heirloom tracker, Apex fans can see how many packs they’ve opened and track when they should be getting Shards.

What are Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends?

HeirloomShards are a currency in Apex that players can use to purchase Heirloom Sets, cosmetic items that are released during Collection events. These sets contain 24 items that players can gather during the respective Collection event, but once those events end the Heirloom Sets move to the Heirloom Store. This is where you can spend your Shards to snag any items you may have missed.

How to use the Heirloom tracker for Apex Legends packs

Apex Packs have a less than 1% chance of dropping 150 Heirloom Shards. When this happens, it doesn’t take an Apex Pack out of your inventory. Since players can only open up to 500 Apex Packs before you get some Heirloom Shards, coder Mike Zarandona created a calculator to help players keep track of how many Apex Packs they’ve opened.

  • To use the calculator, you will need to input as much of the following information from your Apex Legends account as you have:
  • Account level
  • Number of Packs you’ve purchased directly from the store
  • Account level for Arenas Flash Events
  • Your level for each season you participated in and whether or not you purchased the battle pass
  • The number of daily Apex Packs you collected for each Season
  • The number of Apex Packs you collected from various in-game events
  • Whether or not you’ve connected your Twitch Prime account
  • Any Packs you’ve gotten due to bugs

Once you have entered as much of this info as you have, press the View Progress button to see where you’re at with Apex Packs and Heirloom Shards. The calculator can even create a graph-based progress report if you’re more of a visual person.