How to use Foxparks as a Flamethrower in Palworld
How to use Foxparks as a Flamethrower in Palworld
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How to use Foxparks as a Flamethrower in Palworld

Your personal flamethrower

Foxparks is one of the first Pals you can catch in Palworld, as it’s available right down the hill from the starting point on your island. While it might not seem like too strong of a Pal, you can use Foxparks as your own personal flamethrower in Palworld.

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When you activate this ability for Foxparks, it jumps into your hands and quite literally becomes a flamethrower, shooting fire from its mouth out at your enemies. However, Foxparks doesn’t have access to this ability at all times and you’ll need to craft a certain item to activate the ability. You can see exactly how to do so in the guide below.

Using Foxparks as a Flamethrower in Palworld

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The first step to using Foxparks as a flamethrower is to obviously catch one. This can be done right around the starting area of the game or near the Rayne Syndicate Tower. I recommend catching a few Foxparks, as you need their Flame Organs to craft a specific item. More specifically, you need five Flame Organs, so don’t stop catching Foxparks until you have that amount.

Next, you need to craft a Pal Gear Workbench, which is unlocked via the Technology menu at level six. After crafting the Pal Gear Workbench, interact with it and you’ll find an item called “Foxparks’ Harness” available to craft. The harness gives you the ability to use Foxparks’ Partner Skill, which is the flamethrower. The harness requires the following resources:

  • x15 Paldium Fragments
  • x2 Cloth 
  • x30 Wood
  • x3 Leather
  • x5 Flame Organs

Once you have Foxparks and have crafted its Harness, add it to your party and then release it from its Pal Sphere. Now, you should see a new icon appear at the bottom of your screen, which is the icon for Foxparks’ Partner Skill. To use the Partner Skill, you have to wait until the icon has been fully charged up, which happens over time and during combat.

After you see the Partner Skill icon fully charged, press the button on the icon and Foxparks will start to unleash its flames. The Pal will hop into your hands and you can walk around as it shoots fire from its mouth, damaging all enemies near it.

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