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Prayer Beads are one of the many items you can find across Ghostwire: Tokyo that helps improve your character. The beads specifically provide small buffs to your character that can increase the potency of your abilities.

With more and more Prayer Beads, you can alter different parts of your build to better reflect your playstyle. However, when you first acquire a Prayer Beard, it will be fairly underwhelming. In order to make them stronger and provide stronger buffs, you need to upgrade the Prayer Beads.

Of course, Ghostwire: Tokyo doesn’t just lay out how to do this. You need to find out how to upgrade them on your own or by reading our guide on the subject.

Upgrading Prayer Beads in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Once you find your first Prayer Bead, it will be at level one. This level offers the most basic buffs to your build. In order to upgrade Prayer Beads, you need to find duplicates of the same bead you’re currently using. The best way to find duplicate Prayer Beads is to search and clear Torii Gates.

By clearing Torii Gates, you cleanse the surrounding area and get rewards as a result. Before that happens, though, you can check the Shrines to see what reward you will be given. If the reward is the Prayer Bead you need, then you can go clear out the Torii Gate and earn that specific bead.

If you can’t find any additional Torii Gates on the map, keep progressing the story of Ghostwire: Tokyo. This will open up the map more and give you more gates to clear. The more gates on the map, the more chances for you to acquire the duplicate Prayer Beads you need.

Once you find enough duplicates, your Prayer Beads will upgrade automatically and apply the buffs to your character. We recommend clearing out as many Torii Gates as possible, even if they don’t reward your desired Prayer Bead. This enables you to experiment with different buffs to builds and change up your playstyle on the go.

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