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If you like to play as a lawful character that has good intentions, the cleric may be your go-to class in BG3. But you’re not just a goody goody — clerics are very useful in battle and during quests thanks to their Divine Intervention spell. Here’s how to get it and use it if you choose to be a cleric in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Are clerics good in Baldur’s Gate 3?

It can be hard to choose a class in Baldur’s Gate 3 since there are so many options and the features of each class are quite extensive, much like they are in Dungeons & Dragons. One of those classes is the cleric, a classic D&D staple focused on using the powers of the divine to help their party reach their full potential in all situations.

Clerics are definitely good and you’ll make a big impact on your party. You can deal a good amount of damage, have unique strengths against tough enemies, and can heal and buff teammates. But if you play as the cleric, you have to be willing to play as a support. You’re not going to  be on the frontlines in most situations.

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What is Divine Intervention?

Divine Intervention is a spell inspired by D&D. It allows your character to invoke their God’s aid, which can make a massive impact. But remember, it can only be used once and then never again.

Here are the different things Divine Intervention can do:

  • Deal up to 80 damage in one hit
  • Acquire camp supplies and potions
  • Resurrect all your allies at 50% HP and heal those who are alive with a long rest
  • Acquire a mace

How to unlock Divine Intervention in Baldur’s Gate 3?

To get Divine Intervention you have to be a cleric and reach Level 10.

Is Divine Intervention good?

Unfortunately, BG3 players are not impressed with Divine Intervention. The spell can only be used once total. That makes it a bit underwhelming. Others are frustrated with the weapon option, noting that it only gives you a mace and there seems to be no other options.

The mace isn’t too bad but there are better weapons, making it questionable why you’d pick this option.

The best option is to save Divine Intervention to resurrect and heal your party. This will definitely come in handy during battle and may even turn the tides in your squad’s favor. But since it can only be used once, it’s just not the most exciting spell in the game.



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