How to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring
Two-hand weapon in elden ring
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How to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring

Ensure that your weapon is dealing even more damage

When it comes to wielding weapons in Elden Ring, you can either go with the standard sword and shield layout or a number of other ways that might work better for your build. Using a weapon with two hands is one of these options, as many Soulsborne fans know all too well. However, Elden Ring doesn’t specify how to use this mechanic.

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Two-handing a weapon makes your weapon do more damage than if you were only using it with one hand. Of course, this really only applies to melee weapons, as something like a bow or sorcery staff won’t need to deal more damage up close. But, staffs do have some physical attack properties, so you might consider two-handing those as well.

To figure out how to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring, keep reading below.

Two handing weapons in Elden Ring

When you have the weapon that you want to two-hand in your left or right hand, you must press a series of buttons.

  • PlayStation controllers: Triangle + L1/R1
  • Xbox controllers: Y + LB/RB
  • Keyboard: E + Up/Down Arrow

For keyboard users, you must change your PC keybinds to not have the armaments on the arrow keys. Instead, you can use numbers, like 1-4, or other keybinds that you’re comfortable with. Essentially, you’re pressing the “use” button and then the weapon armament hand you want to put the weapon into.

The benefits of two-handing a weapon in Elden Ring can outweigh the negatives. While you don’t have a shield, for instance, you will deal additional damage when you attack enemies. If you miss the benefit of a shield, though, you can always swap back and forth between one and two-handing a weapon throughout a fight.

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