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If you chose to side with Sophie and the Bazaar in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, then you’ll eventually be tasked with turning on a Generator. This Generator is locked in a smuggler’s tunnel that connects Old Villedor to the Central Loop. You need to turn it on in order to get through the tunnel and advance the main story. Players should beware if they haven’t made it this far in Dying Light 2, as there are spoilers for the story below.

At this point during the story, you’re being chased by the Peacekeepers and need to get through the tunnel as quickly as possible. After trying to open the tunnel door, it won’t budge and Aiden says he needs to turn on a generator somewhere. Well, if you’re like us, then you’re having some trouble finding this generator.

Turning on the Generator in Dying Light 2

The first generator you’re looking for is located exactly 180 degrees from where the tunnel button is located. It’s yellow and right in front of a truck. You can interact with it but nothing will happen with the tunnel door. You might be confused as to what just happened but you will need to find a second generator, which the game doesn’t mention.

Generator Dying Light 2
The second generator in Dying Light 2. | Provided by Techland

The second generator is located on the other end of the tunnel. You essentially need to go back the way you came and find the second generator hiding behind another truck near the other entrance of the tunnel. It looks the same as the first generator.

However, before you can turn it on, a Corruptor will appear from a door and knock you down. You’ll need to defeat this Corruptor before you can advance in the story. This Infected variant moves extremely quickly and knocks you down if you’re anywhere near its path. To defeat the Corruptor, you need to quickly dodge its attacks and then hit it once or twice. Then, dodge back and repeat the process.

Once the Corruptor is defeated, go back to the generator, turn it on and then you can advance the story. However, you won’t be leaving that tunnel anytime soon.

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