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One of the brand new additions that developer FromSoftware has implemented in Elden Ring is the ability to summon Spirit Ashes. These are essentially companions on the battlefield that will fight alongside you. For the most part, these summons can only be used when fighting larger enemies, like bosses. The Spirit Ashes make any boss fight easier, so most players are extremely curious about where they can find certain summons and how to acquire them.

Unlike the network test for Elden Ring, summons are much more difficult to acquire in the full build. Kale the Merchant no longer sells them, meaning you will need to go out and scavenge for them in dungeons and other locations. Before that, though, you need to acquire the item that makes Spirit Ashes come to life in Elden Ring.

Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

Even if you manage to find a Spirit Ash of some type, you won’t be able to summon it until you acquire a specific item. This item is called the “Spirit Calling Bell” and can only be acquired from one specific NPC in the game.

This NPC has a large white hat, fur coat and bluish markings on her face. We were able to run into this NPC by fast traveling to the Church of Elleh, the location with Kale the Merchant. This is directly north of the starting spawn. We fast traveled to this location a few hours after we had initially discovered it. The NPC was sitting on the ruins about 10 yards away from Kale.

Elden Ring spirit ash summons
An NPC with a large white hat, a fur coat and bluish markings on her face will give you the Spirit Calling Bell. | Provided by FromSoftware

Once you talk to this NPC, she will give you the Spirit Calling Bell. This is a key item that doesn’t break, so use it as much as you’d like. Once you find a Spirit Ash, you can quick-bind it to your item armament hotbar through the Equipment menu.

However, you’re only able to use a summons if you have enough FP (your blue meter bar) and if a summoning statue is nearby. You can see if it is by looking just below your health, FP and stamina hotbar. If there’s a white archway, then you can use a summons. If there’s not, then you’re out of luck for whatever situation you’re in.

Elden Ring summons
A Spirit Ash can be found out in the world. | Provided by FromSoftware

It should be noted that you can use a summons in every major Elden Ring boss battle. However, for the evergaol fights and some other battles, summons are not able to be used. Also, once you’ve called in a Spirit Ash in one fight, you won’t be able to call in another if they perish. For the most part, you can find all kinds of Spirit Ashes as rewards for beating a dungeon boss and on dead bodies.

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