How to store weapons in Dead Island 2
Store weapons Dead Island 2
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How to store weapons in Dead Island 2

Save your weapons for later

During your time in Dead Island 2, you will come across dozens and dozens of weapons. Some of them will be different guns, but many of them will be melee weapons with various appearances, traits, and stats. Your base inventory in Dead Island 2 is not that large, though, so players have some decisions to make regarding all of the weapons they acquire. They can either sell them, salvage them, or store them. However, many players might not know how to store weapons in Dead Island 2, and that’s where we come in.

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If you want to learn exactly how to store weapons in Dead Island 2, keep reading the guide below.

Store weapons in Dead Island 2

First off, you won’t be able to store weapons at any location on the map. You need to come across a specific object called a “Storage Locker.” The Storage Locker is a rectangular, black metal box that is found in most of the safe areas around the different levels of Dead Island 2. All you need to do is interact with it, and you will trigger the Storage Locker menu to appear. I was able to find my first storage locker at Emma Jaunt’s house, but there are more all across the different levels in the game.

Dead Island 2 Storage Locker
The Storage Locker in Dead Island 2. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

On this menu, you will two sides of the screen. The left-hand side of the screen is your Storage Locker inventory and the right-hand side is your current weapons inventory. To move weapons from your inventory into the Storage Locker, simply click on them, and then click on the empty space inside the locker’s side of the screen. That will transfer the weapon, and it will now be stored for you to retrieve at a later time.

Be careful, though, as your Storage Locker does not have an infinite amount of space. You will eventually run out of room if you keep putting weapons in the locker. And that’s all there is to storing weapons in Dead Island 2.

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