How to save in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Save
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How to save in Dead Island 2

Make your progress is kept

Saving your progress is one of the most important parts of any single-player game. No one wants to accidentally shut their system off and be back where they were an hour ago due to the game not saving. In Dead Island 2, players are once again asking how they are able to save the game so they don’t have these very problems arise throughout their time in HELL-A.

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Given the fact that there is no difficulty level in Dead Island 2, players might be dying more often than they expect. The zombies are in no short supply throughout Hollywood, and players might be overwhelmed more than once throughout their playthrough. As such, knowing how to save will be a huge boon for players, especially those that might get a little too reckless with their zombie-killing.

To find out how to save in Dead Island 2, check out the guide below.

How to save your progress in Dead Island 2

Unfortunately for fans of a more traditional save system, there is no dedicated manual save mechanic in Dead Island 2. Even if you look all throughout the settings, you will not find a manual or quick save button or menu.

Instead, Dead Island 2 opts for the auto-save system. This relies on the game itself to save your progress at various points throughout a session. You will know when your game is auto-saving when you see the white palm tree icon appear at the bottom of the screen. When the white palm tree icon is moving, your game is currently being saved. When it goes away, you can safely exit the game where you are and when you come back to Dead Island 2 at another time, you will be in that same spot.

This auto-save feature can be a little tricky at times, though, as you might not have been paying attention to the last time the palm tree icon appeared. Or, you could be waiting for the icon to appear and it won’t, forcing you to continue playing. I never struggled with this system, but I could easily see other players having trouble with it. It’s a system that players will have to learn to deal with in Dead Island 2, but in my experience, it does a decent job of saving right after key points.

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