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Baelen is a mushroom picker that’s missing in Baldur’s Gate 3. And as you may have guessed, you can find him as a side quest in the expansive RPG. While it sounds straightforward, saving Baelen can be a little tricky so here’s our guide on how to save Baelen in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Start the Find the Mushroom Picker quest

If you want to begin this side quest, first talk to Derryth Bonecloak in the Myconid Colony. Derryth is a vendor that’s west on the map. She doesn’t seem all too concerned about her missing husband but you can still offer to help.

How to find Baelen in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you take on the quest, you’ll see that your map is marked with the general area of where Baelen may be. Exit the colony, heading southwest, and follow the walkway that goes west from there.

Around here, you may see a monster but you can easily sneak by it and climb down the cliff. You’ll see a field of green fungus to the north and that’s where Baelen is snooping around. When you walk up to him, however, he says you shouldn’t approach him.

Apparently, the fungus around him is flammable. If you get too close, the whole field will erupt in flames. So how do you get him out of the Bibberbang Field safely?

He’ll tell you to bring him his bag. Inside the bag are Scrolls of Misty Step. The best way to get Baelen out of the field is to have Gale or Lae’zel use Mage Hand, avoiding using any spells. If that’s not an option, you can also use a flying summon to have them safely bring the bag to Baelen without touching any fungus.

Since there are two Scrolls of Misty Step in the bag, another option is to use one of them to get closer to to Baelen and then throw him the bag with the other Scroll of Misty Step. Then you can use the Scroll of Misty Step to safely get out yourself.

As a reward, Baelen will give you a Scroll of Invisibility.

Derryth and Baelen in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you return to Derryth, you will find that she and Baelen are in the Underdark in hopes of finding Noblestalk. You can offer her the one you found near the Bibberbang Field (if it didn’t erupt in flames). Unfortunately, she has nothing to give you in return unless you want to intimidate her into giving you a wedding ring. You’ll also receive the Gloves of Uninhibited Kushigo.

You can opt to feed the Noblestsalk to Baelen or Shadowheart instead. If you give it to Baelen, he will be more aggressive towards his wife. If you give it to Shadowheart, she will remember some friends from her past and open up a new storyline.