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How to run in Starfield

Starfield is a very large game with endless planets to explore. This can make for very dynamic gameplay but it can sometimes get annoying running around such a big universe. If you are looking to speed up the process, you can luckily sprint. Here’s how to run in Starfield.

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Bethesda’s newest open world game is larger than ever before, bringing players to hundreds of planets full of resources, NPCs, quests, and creatures. If you want to explore as much as possible, you’ll need to move around faster. If there’s no way to fast travel, you may want to make a run for it.

Can you sprint in Starfield?

You have probably noticed you are not the fastest when you just press W and start moving forward. If you are looking to get to your destination faster, you can luckily sprint.

To run in Starfield, simply press the left Shift button on PC. For Xbox players, push down on the left analog stick on your controller.

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How long can you run in Starfield?

Like previous Bethesda titles, you cannot run forever. You will start to run out of oxygen if you run for too long. You can see how much oxygen you have left in the bottom left of your screen. You’ll start to take damage if you run for too long so be careful.

If you do end up building up too much CO2 and start to take damage, you’ll need to remove your helmet.

You can also pick the Fitness skill to increase the amount of oxygen you have. Fully upgrade it to decrease the amount of oxygen you use whenever you sprint.

You should also not carry around a lot of gear. The heavier you are, the more oxygen it takes to sprint. Allow some of your companions to carry extra gear for you if you don’t need it.