How to respec skill points in Redfall
respec skill points Redfall
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How to respec skill points in Redfall

You can only respec after a certain point Provided by EA

Redfall features a fairly basic skill tree for each of its four characters. The skill trees are both the same and different for each character, as there are several branches that focus solely on that character’s specific set of skills. However, the rest of the tree is the same for all four characters, as each one has access to the basic ammo upgrade and healing skills. While the skill trees in Redfall might be basic, some players may want to switch up their skill points and perform a respec.

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The process of “respeccing” skills in an RPG allows players to completely reset their skill tree so they can go a different way with their build. This is more useful in wide-ranging skill trees that make use of dozens of skills, but players in Redfall might want to switch around their allocation as well. If you want to see exactly how to respec your skill points in Redfall, keep reading our guide below.

Respec skill points in Redfall

Unfortunately, you are not able to respec your skill points in Redfall until you reach a specific point in the game. This point is reaching level 10, which actually takes longer than you might think.

Upon reaching level 10 for a single character in Redfall, you will be shown a graphic on-screen that walks you through the respec process. Essentially, though, you can only respec your skills while you are in a safe area in Redfall. This includes the fire station, Maritime Center, and any neighborhood safe house.

respec skill points in Redfall
Provided by EA

If you are in one of these areas, go to the skills menu for your character and click on the option to redistribute your skill points. Once you’ve done this, you can now spend all of your earned skill points in any way you want. There is no cost to do this, so respec as many times as you want.

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