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Last Epoch is finally here and while there is a lot of content to explore, gamers who pre-ordered the game can already score some free in-game goodies.

All versions of Last Epoch include some cosmetic rewards with the most basic coming to those who pre-ordered the regular game. The problem is that there’s no real guide on how to use your new items. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with all of the details that you need.

How to redeem pre-order or version exclusive rewards in Last Epoch

eqipping pets in Last Epoch
Screenshot by Upcomer

All of the cosmetic items that you’ve unlocked by pre-ordering Last Epoch or purchasing a premium edition of the game can be equipped using the Appearance menu from your inventory.

You can find this by opening your Inventory and navigating to the tab on the right. From here you should see open slots for all of your items and pets.

This system works by changing the appearance of your equipped gear without altering its stats. Simply select the piece of item you want to equip and you should see your pre-order bonuses available to choose. Once chosen they will automatically appear on your character until you remove them by following the same process.

These rewards will be unlocked by default so there is no need to do any extra in-game steps to get them, just follow the instructions above.

How to unlock Last Epoch soundtrack

Those who purchase the Last Epoch deluxe or ultimate editions will get access to the game’s soundtrack.

This can be found directly in your Steam library, however, if you can’t see it then you will need to press the dropdown and make sure that Soundtracks is selected. This will ensure that you can see them in your library. From there, simply find it and you can download the entire album.