How to redeem Nintendo Platinum points for exclusive items for free
My Nintendo Platinum points Calendar for 2022
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How to redeem Nintendo Platinum points for exclusive items for free

Earn keychains, calendars, phone rings and more with Platinum points

My Nintendo is a great way to earn points by playing mobile games, purchasing games on the eShop and interacting with official Nintendo websites. Platinum Points, which can be earned without spending money, allows fans to get exclusive items shipped to their homes.

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Platinum Points are one of the two points that can be earned through the My Nintendo launcher. The points can be earned by linking your My Nintendo account to Google, Twitter, etc. and signing up for promotional emails. Each activity earns a varied amount of points that get added to player’s wallets. The more points they earn, the more things those points can be redeemed for from the Nintendo store.

Nintendo is not the first to implement a point system, but they are one of the few that will trade those points for actual items that fans can have shipped to their homes. These items range from a themed calendar for 2022, to a Legend of Zelda themed phone ring.

Earning Platinum Points

Once a Nintendo account has been created, members will have access to the My Nintendo store which is where both Gold and Platinum points are found. Platinum points can be earned by filling out all the information on the Nintendo Account, including linking Twitter, Google, Facebook and Nintendo Network ID. These will earn members roughly 130 Platinum points as the Nintendo Network ID is worth the most.

Even if members have no social media, they an still earn points. Nintendo offers more points just by visiting the official websites for their more popular Mario titles and finding hidden things on the websites. These take the form of holes, dice, stickers and more that are easy to spot if members check out the entirety of the websites. Complete all of these and members should have plenty of points to snag something from the My Nintendo shop.

Redeeming points

Once enough Platinum points have been earned, they can be redeemed under the “redeem points” drop down on the My Nintendo website. For items that can be shipped to members’ homes, they are located under the My Nintendo Store Rewards section. Members can choose from a variety of different fun gifts such as journals, keychains, game holders and more.

When an item has been chosen, select redeem and the item will appear in your cart. Then members can proceed to the checkout to have the item shipped to you. But Nintendo won’t ship the item for free. Shipping fees will vary depending on where the member lives, but the item redeemed for points itself will not cost any money.

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