How to play with friends in Diablo 4
Diablo 4 play with friends
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How to play with friends in Diablo 4

Take on Hell together

Let’s face it, Hell is not an easy place to navigate alone, no matter what class or build you opt for. In Diablo 4, you can absolutely go at the game solo and have a fully enjoyable time running through hordes of enemies by your lonesome. Of course, two is always better than one, and that rings true in Sanctuary as well. Playing with a friend or friends is usually going to enhance your gaming experience, especially in a game like Diablo 4. So, you can read below for a full guide on how to play with friends in Diablo 4.

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Play with friends in Diablo 4

To kick things off, you don’t have to worry about any of your friends being on a different platform than you. Diablo 4 offers full crossplay functionality, meaning that even if you’re on PC and your friends are on console, you can all party up and play together. Of course, you might want to think about your level and build compared to your friends, but that’s up to each individual player.

In order to play with a friend in Diablo 4, you need to have added them by their Battle.Net tag. This is how all players can party up and communicate with one another in Diablo 4. To see your Battle.Net tag and look at your friends list, you can press “O” on your keyboard (controller button is unknown). This will bring you to the Social menu, where you can see your friends list, clan list, and more.

Diablo 4 play with friends
The Social menu in Diablo 4. | Provided by Blizzard

On the bottom right of this screen, you will see “Add Friends.” If you click on this, you can see your own Battle.Net tag and type in another person’s tag to add them as a friend. Once they are added, or you already have your friends added, you can view your friends list. Here, you will see all of your friends that are currently online and if they’re playing Diablo 4. To invite them or join their game, you can simply click on their name and select the appropriate option.

Although, to invite friends to your party, you need to get through the prologue and reach the first major city, Kyovashad. You’ll know when you are done with the prologue when you start seeing other online players in your game. Also, your friends need to be on the same world tier as you for them to join your party, and vice versa. So, for example, you both need to be on either Adventurer or Veteran World Tier.

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