How to play Minecraft Legends on your phone
How to play Minecraft Legends on your phone
Provided by Mojang

How to play Minecraft Legends on your phone

No need for a console or PC

One of the more disappointing elements of Minecraft Legends is that it did not have an official release for mobile devices. After years of mobile gamers getting to play the standard version of Minecraft, they thought there would be no way to play the newest spin-off title. However, using a little trick that is completely legal, mobile users can boot up Minecraft Legends on their phone or tablet.

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Players do need to meet a couple of prerequisites in order to get this working, though. For starters, mobile users need to have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. This is a video game subscription service that gives users access to hundreds of games for a small monthly fee. As you might expect, Minecraft Legends is a day one Game Pass title, meaning it’s available right now. If you have a Game Pass subscription, then you will also need to have a controller, as this is how you will play Minecraft Legends on your device.

For those that meet those requirements, you can keep reading the guide below to see exactly how to get Minecraft Legends running on a phone or tablet.

Playing Minecraft Legends on your phone or tablet

Provided by Mojang

Minecraft Legends is available for both iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is download the Xbox Game Pass app from the App Store on your device. On the app, sign into your account and then search for Minecraft Legends. It should pop up right away, at which point you can click on it and begin playing.

However, you will also want to have your controller connected to your device over Bluetooth or with a USB cable. Bluetooth is the easier method, as there are no cables involved and you can use it with most modern controllers. Once your controller has been connected to your device, boot up Minecraft Legends from the Game Pass app, and you should be able to seamlessly play the game right there from your mobile device.

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