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One of the most exciting new elements in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is the ability to paraglide. This new movement mechanic has been showcased in several gameplay trailers leading up to the game’s release and you can now see the world of Dying Light from a fresh angle. However, you might be surprised after playing the game for a bit that the paraglider is nowhere to be found.

The developers, Techland, made it so players have to progress quite a bit in the main story of Dying Light 2 before they gain the ability to paraglide. The exact amount of time depends on how players progress but most fans should expect to play for at least seven hours before they can paraglide around.

You can see precisely when you get to paraglide and how to do it below. Players should beware, though, as there are spoilers for the main story in this guide.

Using the paraglider in Dying Light 2

You can only gain access to the paraglider after you make it to the Central Loop and survive the encounter with Waltz. After that, you meet Lawan, otherwise known as the Sniper. She takes you to her survivor base in the main city of Villedor after the power turns back on.

Dying Light 2 paraglide
The in-game explanation for the Paraglider. | Provided by Techland

However, the power keeps cutting in and out, so Lawan tasks you with turning on an electrical substation. This substation will restore power to certain areas of the city but is quite far away. So, to solve that problem, Lawan gives you the paraglider.

She takes you on a small tutorial around Villedor, giving you some tips on how to paraglide. The mechanics are fairly simple, though. You can jump off any building or stand on top of an air vent to activate the paraglider. Paragliding uses stamina so you need to be mindful of your stamina bar while gliding in the air. If you go over an air vent, your stamina is replenished and you get a boost to send you higher in the air.

Dying Light 2 Air Vent
How to use air vents in Dying Light 2. | Provided by Techland

You can press a specific keybind to stabilize and lift yourself while in the air, otherwise, you’ll slowly descend to the ground. You’re able to upgrade the paraglider through Craftmasters, however, which gives you more freedom with the item.

The verticality of Dying Light 2 is on full display while paragliding and it’s one of the most enjoyable mechanics of the sequel. You’ll just have to advance in the main story a bit to gain access to the glider.

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