How to open Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4
How to Open Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4
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How to open Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4

Solve the chest puzzle with ease

There are several different types of chests that you can find and open in Diablo 4. You have the normal chests, cursed chests, Silent Chests, and the Radiant chests that are mostly seen while running a dungeon or completing Legion events. However, there is another addition to that list that many players don’t even know exists. I’m referring to the Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4, which are unlike anything else that you will find in Sanctuary.

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Mutterlock Chests are not easily found and you likely won’t run into too many of them throughout your playthrough. You will always find a Mutterlock Chest while completing a dungeon, and I have not found another requirement for them to appear. When you happen to find one of these chests, you will have to complete a puzzle to open it.

If you want to see how to solve the puzzle and claim your loot, check out my guide below.

Opening Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4

A Mutterlock Chest. | Image via Blizzard

Mutterlock Chests look similar to Silent Chests, as they have a gold lock on the front of them. When you interact with a Mutterlock Chest, a menu will appear on screen that shows you eight different phrases. In order to find the right phrase to guess, you need to find three Whispering Stones, which will be scattered around the area near the chest.

The Whispering Stones will each have one-third of the correct phrase written on them. They will also specify what order the part of the phrase will show up, giving you a complete phrase when you find all three. You shouldn’t have to go too far to find the Whispering Stones, so stay within a short radius of the chest. I am usually able to find the stones within a few meters of the chest, but they’re sometimes well-hidden.

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With the right phrase, you can go back to the Mutterlock Chest, press the correct phrase, and then the chest will open. The loot you receive will vary from gold to rare and legendary items. I was able to loot some Sacred items on World Tier 3, but you can also snag some Ancestral items on World Tier 4. As such, I recommend going to the maximum World Tier if you are specifically looking for Mutterlock Chests. This way, you ensure you can get the best possible loot for your character. 

If you were thinking about just picking random phrases until you guess the right one, the developers are one step ahead of you. If you pick the wrong phrase, the chest will disappear, so you absolutely need to find all three Whispering Stones before trying to open the Mutterlock Chest. If not, you need to get extremely lucky, or else you risk your loot disappearing into the wind. 

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