How to name your ship in Skull and Bones
How to name your ship in Skull and Bones
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How to name your ship in Skull and Bones

Give your vessel a proper name

You have complete creative control over how your ship behaves and looks in Skull and Bones. From customizing the color and decal of the sails to determining what type of cannon goes where, you’re able to deck out your ship however you see fit. You also have the ability to name your ship, but this is a slightly more confusing process in Skull and Bones.

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To see exactly how to go about naming your ship in Skull and Bones, check out my guide below.

Name your ship in Skull and Bones

For starters, you are unable to name the first “ship” you own in Skull and Bones. The small raft you use to get around for the first hour or two of the game can’t be customized or named, as there’s not much to work with and you’ll be getting rid of it very soon.

Whenever you go to the Shipwright in Sainte-Anne and make your first actual ship is the point where you can start naming your ship. After your first ship is created, which is the “Bedar” model, you can head to the nearest dock and view the ship menu page. Here, you’re able to press an option called “Manage Ship,” which brings you to a new page where you can customize everything about your vessel.

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One of the options on this page says “Edit Name,” and you can press it to change the name of your current ship. There are only so many characters available for the name, though, so make sure you have a snappy moniker in mind.

Once you’re done with your ship’s new name, save the changes and go back to the Manage Ship menu. If you have multiple ships you want to give a new name, you can go to “Change Ship” on this menu and select the new ship you want to name. You can only change the name of a ship if it’s the current one docked in Skull and Bones.

That’s everything you need to know about changing the name of a ship in Skull and Bones. You can also check out my guide on how to change your character’s appearance if you want to customize your experience even further.

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