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When you are running around the world of Hyrule or trying to climb a wall or other surface in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will likely be focused on one major aspect: Stamina. Your Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom is always a cause for concern, as when you run out of it, Link will basically stop moving until you recharge it. As a result, players are always looking for ways to increase their Stamina stat.

While you can take the normal, permanent route of acquiring Stamina Vessels, you can also make Stamina Elixirs in Tears of the Kingdom.

Basically, a Stamina Elixir offers a temporary boost to your max Stamina stat. This is a perfect way for you to climb a huge wall, get on a dragon’s back, or even try to tame a horse. If you want to see how to make a Stamina Elixir in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, I will explain everything you need to know in the guide below.

Making Stamina Elixirs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Provided by Nintendo

In Tears of the Kingdom, this particular kind of elixir is called an Energizing Elixir. The recipe for this elixir includes the following ingredients:

  • x1 Restless Cricket or Energetic Rhino Beetle
  • Monster Parts

You can combine these ingredients in a cooking pot over a fire to make an Energizing Elixir. To increase the potency of the elixir, which means you get more time with a higher Stamina, just add in more Monster Parts to the cooking pot. The easiest Monster Parts to use are Chu Chu Jellies, which are found after defeating Chuchus. However, you can use any Monster Parts you find to make this elixir.

The Restless Crickets and Energetic Rhino Beetles will be tougher to come by, so don’t waste them on anything but an Energizing Elixir in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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