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Earlier this week, the Pride of the Valley update went live in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This update added a plethora of content, which is headlined by the introduction of Nala and Simba. However, there was also a slew of new items introduced to Disney Dreamlight Valley, including Dream Ice Cream.

Previously, players were only able to make standard Vanilla Ice Cream. With the Pride of the Valley update, however, players can expand their ice cream-making abilities.

Unfortunately, Disney Dreamlight Valley does not give players the recipe for Dream Ice Cream. Instead, players will need to acquire the ingredients themselves in order to learn the recipe for the new dessert. Luckily, we happen to know exactly what ingredients you will need to make Dream Ice Cream, which you can view in the guide below.

Making Dream Ice Cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dream Ice Cream can be made by combining three different ingredients. It’s a three-star dessert dish and when consumed, it restores 1,976 Energy. When sold, the dessert will earn players 588 Star Coins. The ingredients needed for Dream Ice Cream are as follows:

  • Dreamlight Fruit (can be found at Sunlit Plateau)
  • Milk (Item sol by Chez Remy)
  • Slush Ice (Item sold by Chez Remy)

Once you have all of these ingredients in your possession, make your way to a pot at a cooking station and combine all of the ingredients together. The ingredients don’t need to be in your backpack, though, so don’t worry about holding them for long. You can make as many Dream Ice Cream dishes as you want, provided you have enough quantities of the ingredients.

The dessert sells for a solid price but also restores quite a bit of Energy, so you can either sell or consume it to great effect.

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