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The Diablo 4 public beta is still ongoing this weekend, and this time it’s open to anyone and everyone that can run the game. While a majority of players will be taking the fight to Lilith alone, others will want to play the game in a party. Playing with friends gives fans a 10% XP boost, which allows them to blow through levels, unlocking new skills and abilities along the way.

However, some players want to take that a step further and join a clan in Diablo 4.

Clans have been a staple feature of the Diablo series for decades. It basically allows players to form their own community within the game. Any player can create a clan and invite their friends to it with the hopes of adding new users down the line. In Diablo 4, though, there are already established clans that fans might want to join over creating their own.

Joining a Clan in Diablo 4

To join a clan in Diablo 4, all you need to do is open the options menu, which can be done by simply pressing “Esc” on keyboard and “Options” on controller. From here, look at the tab bar at the top of the screen and select the option that says “Clan.” This will bring you to the clan system screen, where you will be able to search for different clans to join. You can sort through the different existing clans using filters, which allow you to look for exactly what you want in a clan.

To join an existing clan, you will need that clan’s name and tag. You will also be able to see your clan invites and requests, which you can also use to join a clan. Other players will be able to invite you to their clan using your Battle.Net name and tag, which can be viewed in the Social menu of Diablo 4 by clicking “Add Friends.”

That’s just about everything you need to know about joining a clan in Diablo 4.

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