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Weapon mods are an aspect from the original Dying Light that have made their way into the sequel. This system has mostly stayed the same in Dying Light 2 but the mods themselves vary from the first game. Also, the process of equipping and installing them onto a weapon has slightly changed.

To start, players will need a physical blueprint for the mod they want to install. They also need the materials to make the mod from the blueprint once they have it. Only then can they install a weapon mod onto their favorite machete or axe. The higher rarity the weapon is, which is identified by the color or the weapon, the more mod slots it will have. A purple rarity weapon will have more mod slots than a common green weapon, for example.

For the whole weapon mod process in Dying Light 2, players can keep reading below.

Installing weapon mods in Dying Light 2

The first weapon mod that players will be able to craft and equip on their weapons is of the Shock variety. This blueprint yields a small chance for players to shock an enemy with a strike of lightning, along with dealing bonus damage with every hit.

Dying Light 2 weapon mods
The better the mod, the more materials are needed. | Provided by Techland

In order to equip it, players need to click on a weapon in their inventory. From here, they should press the keybind for “Modify,” which is located on the weapon’s card description. On the modify screen, players can select any weapon mod they have the blueprint for. Once players decide on the blueprint they want, they need to hold the interact button to craft that blueprint. This will automatically attach it to their weapon.

Each blueprint requires a certain number of materials to craft. The better the mod, the more materials are needed. So players should be careful attaching a mod to any old weapon they find on the ground, as they can run out of resources fairly quickly.

Players can see how many mod slots they have on a weapon by seeing how many circles are next to the weapon’s icon in their inventory. If there are three circles, that weapon can be equipped with three different mods.

Blueprints for weapon mods are found all across the map in Dying Light 2. Villedor is a large place, so as long as players explore accordingly, they’ll fill up their inventory with mod blueprints in no time.

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