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There aren’t many times in Starfield where you would want your weapon down. After all, the galaxy is full of pirates, aliens, and other hostiles that wish to do you harm. However, there are certain times, such as walking through a picturesque city or perhaps trying to pose for a picture in photo mode, when you don’t want your weapon out. In these situations, you need to know how to holster your weapon in Starfield, which is not truly explained in-game.

Let’s go over exactly how to holster your weapon and redraw it so you can be ready for anything in the Settled Systems.

Starfield – Holster and draw your weapon

The process to both holster and bring out your weapon in Starfield is actually pretty straightforward. If you’re like me, though, you have likely spent more time than you’re willing to admit trying to figure out the holster part, as the game does not explain how to do it.

Starfield holster your weapon
Sometimes you don’t want your weapon in a photo. | Screenshot via Upcomer

To holster your weapon, simply hold the “Reload” button. For me on PC, this is “R” by default, but on a controller, you need to hold “X.” You then need to hold the keybind for around two seconds before your character will put the weapon back in your inventory. Alternatively, to bring your weapon back out, you can simply tap the Reload button.

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Truth be told, though, there aren’t too many times when you wouldn’t want to have your weapon out. Civilians and enemies won’t be alarmed by you pointing a weapon at them, so there are no worries there. The only times I have actually holstered my weapon is to take a candid picture in photo mode or to make my character run a little faster.

Of course, seeing your clunky gun or long melee weapon in the center of the screen all the time can also get tiresome, as sometimes you just want to enjoy a view.

And there you have it, the easy way to holster and redraw your weapon in Starfield.

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