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EA Sports has enabled another round of Apex Legends Twitch drops for community-made loading screens from Oct. 26 to Nov. 2. The Play Apex Twitter account recently showed the Emergence loading screen on Twitter and reminded players of the five other loading screens available through the drop.

How to get community made Twitch drops in Apex Legends

In order to get these community-made loading screens, players will need to link their EA account to their Twitch account. For players who play on Switch or Playstation, they will need to link their respective accounts to the EA account.

Here is the approved list of players that viewers can get drops from for this week.

Players need only log in to their EA account on the “Connect to Twitch” screen on the Twitch app. Then, the drops will begin when they watch any of the listed players. In order to get a drop, viewers must watch a single player for an hour. Switching over to any other approved player will not count towards the hour.

It is also important to understand that this is the fifth week that Apex Legends has done drops and that different prizes were given out in the previous weeks. Players will get the chance to get community-designed drops from previous weeks by watching three hours of any player.

The set of community Twitch drops are part of a new initiative that brings the spotlight on artists in the community. It resulted in the creation of the Community Created initiative. Every season, artists will be commissioned by the Apex Legends team to create six different loading screens that will be featured as drops for the player base. The Apex Legends team has not only partnered with community artists for loading screens, but they are also working on lore comics that will be drawn by the community. Apex Legends continues to try and highlight the community that brings the game up by providing a spotlight and monetary compensation for their contributions.