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One of the first tasks that players will undertake in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finding all of the Shrines on the map. Shrines were one of the highlights from Breath of the Wild and they’re back in the sequel. However, like in the previous game, some Shrines are extremely difficult to reach in Hyrule. Perhaps the toughest early Shrine to reach is the one located atop the Ice Mountain in Tears of the Kingdom.

This particular Shrine is called the Gutanbac Shrine, and players will need plenty of cold resistance items if they want to reach it. They will also need to know the correct path to take, as it’s located at the very top of a mountain with few discernable ways of reaching it. If you want to reach the Ice Mountain Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, check out the guide below, where I will explain everything in more detail.

Reaching the Ice Mountain Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Provided by Nintendo

The full steps to reach this shrine are complicated, so read the list of steps below to better understand:

  • Go to the entrance of the Ukouh Shrine and then look down until you see the glowing green Shrine
  • Jump off the cliff, heading due southeast, and keep going until you land in the water
  • Keep going southeast until you reach the Temple of Time
  • You should be near the base of the mountain and a cooking pot over a fire
  • Harvest any Spicy Pepper nearby and cook it over the fire combined with meat
  • Consume the Spicy Pepper meal to improve your cold resistance
  • Climb the mountain in front of you, keeping an eye on your cold resistance. Eat more Spicy Pepper to keep it up
  • Eventually, you will reach the Maker Construct, who will give you an Energy Cell
  • Find the raft nearby, hit the motor, and you will be propelled forward using the Energy Cell
  • Go across the river and then up the steps that are found to the left
  • Climb the mountain on your right side and keep going until you see a waterfall
  • Climb up the rocks to the right of the waterfall
  • Go across the water to the next ledge and then go up the path behind the waterfall
  • Climb up the hill and the Gutanbac Shrine will be in front of you

It’s quite a lot of work to reach the Gutanbac Shrine atop the Ice Mountain in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but the reward is worth the trouble.

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