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Out of all of the minerals you will need to find for one reason or another in Starfield, Titanium is perhaps the most important to get. It’s an essential resource in weapon and spacesuit modding as well as Outpost development. While minerals such as Nickel and Iron are crucial as well, they can be found much more easily throughout the Settled Systems.

Titanium is not as simple to find, as you will need to either pay large sums of credits to acquire it or track down a planet that has it as an available resource. In any case, this guide will explain exactly how you can go about acquiring Titanium for your journey in Starfield.

Starfield – Where to find Titanium

There are two methods to acquire Titanium that I will recommend and explain in this guide. One is costly but saves time while the other is relatively inexpensive but can be time-consuming. Moreover, the second option will essentially yield unlimited Titanium, so it’s the one we will start with.

Mining Titanium with an Extractor

If you have mined other minerals in Starfield, you knew this was coming. The cheapest and best overall method to get Titanium is to find a planet that has it as an available resource, set up an Outpost and Extractor there, and passively mine the mineral. Here are some planets I found that have Titanium as a resource:

  • Procyon II
  • Titan (moon of Saturn in Sol)
  • Pluto
  • Heilo (moon of Montara in Cheyenne)
  • Vega II-b (moon of Vega II in Vega)
Nickel in Starfield
The Extractor set up you want at your Outpost. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Most of these planets will have extreme environments, though, so you won’t be able to set up an Outpost on them until you advance your Outpost abilities in Starfield. Once you reach that point, though, you can set up an Extractor with a power source and feed the Titanium it mines into a Storage Container. Remember, though, you need to set up the Outpost and Extractor in a spot that has Titanium on the ground. Use your scanner to identify these spots while on the surface of a planet. I go over the Extactor process more in-depth in a previous guide if you need more details.

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Purchasing Titanium from vendors

Titanium in Starfield
Titanium in Starfield. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The next method is costly but yields quick and easy Titanium. You can purchase Titanium from a number of vendors in Starfield, but here are some of the easiest ones I found:

  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)
  • UC Exchange (Cydonia on Mars)
  • Cydonia Trade Authority
  • Jane’s Goods (Cydonia on Mars)
  • Jemison Mercantile (Spaceport at New Atlantis)

You can usually find around 15 Titanium at each of these shops for around 10-20 credits each. If you need more than that at a time, you can use the wait system in Starfield to wait for 24 hours and then see if the vendor has resupplied its stock after you already purchased some.

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