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From the very start of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you are sometimes blocked from going further in an area due to large, green barriers. These cannot be broken through using Cal’s basic abilities, which can leave some players frustrated. While there are some moments when Cal can use the Force to convince a guard to open the barrier for you, this does not work most of the time. So, players will have to figure out another way of gaining access through the barriers. 

Fortunately, you do eventually gain a simple and easy way of getting through any of these green barriers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Unfortunately, however, you have to wait several hours until you gain the ability to do so. In the guide below, I will explain exactly how you can go through the green barriers and at what point in the story you will receive the ability. 

Fair warning, though, as there are minor spoilers for the story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in the explanation. 

Getting through the green barriers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to get through green barriers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Charlie INTEL

You do not get the ability to go through the barriers until you go to Jedha for the second time. The main story quest you will be on requires you to reach the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary on Jedha, and this comes directly after you explore the Shattered Moon and Koboh looking for items that Dagan left behind.

As you progress through the quest that leads you to the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, you will eventually receive the ability to Air Dash. This allows Cal to dash while in mid-air, significantly increasing your movement capabilities. The second ability you will need is called Merrin’s Charm, and this is the one you need to pass through the green barriers.

Once you have this charm (you’ll know when you do), you can Air Dash through the green barriers. All you need to do is jump near a barrier and then press your Air Dash button to go forward. This will propel Cal through the barrier.

For me, it took around 18 hours to reach this point in the story. However, I was also completing side content and exploring areas, so it could take you far less time to reach this point in the story.

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