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Incantations are some of the most powerful attacks that you can cast in Elden Ring. Usually, only Faith-based characters will use Incantations, as most of the spells require a high Faith level to cast. However, players who have put a solid amount of side points into Faith can also make use of some powerful Incantations. One of the most popular of the Faith spells is the Lightning Spear Incantation, which can be acquired through one specific method in Elden Ring.

Lightning Spear requires 17 Faith to use and costs 18 FP and 28 Stamina upon casting. It only takes up one memory slot and has the following effect: “Hurls lightning spear before caster.” Obviously, the Incantation deals Lightning Damage and it seems to never miss, as enemies have a difficult time dodging it. If you want to see exactly how to acquire the Lightning Spear Incantation, check out my guide below.

Getting the Lightning Spear Incantation in Elden Ring

In order to acquire Lightning Spear, you will need to give Brother Corhyn, Miriel, or the Pastor of Vows the Dragon Cult Prayerbook. After doing, you will be able to purchase the Incantation from any one of them for a mere 6,000 Runes.

The Dragon Cult Prayerbook you need to find is looted from a Leyndell Knight that is located in East Liurnia. The knight is found just south of the Artist’s Shack grace, as seen in the map screenshot below.

Elden Ring Lightning Spear Incantation
The location of the knight carrying the Dragon Cult Prayerbook. | Screengrab via Upcomer

The Leyndell Knight will be patrolling this area and won’t be surrounded by any other enemies. Once you find the knight, take them down, and they will drop the Dragon Cult Prayerbook. You can then take that to any of the NPCs mentioned above and they will then have Lightning Spear in stock at their trading shops.