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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a completionist’s dream — or nightmare, depending on how you look at it. There are tons of things to collect and this includes the badge system. Badges can be used to select a perk before a level begins — but first you have to find them.

The final badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is especially tricky to find. Here’s how to find the Sound Off badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

How to find the final badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

To get the Sound Off badge — the final badge in the game — you first need to unlock a secret final level: The Final-Final Test Badge Marathon. Here’s how:

  • Collect every Wonder Seed
  • Collect every 10-Flower Coin
  • End at the top of every flagpole
  • Complete Special World stages

As you can see, that’s pretty rough. But if you happen to have all of that completed, you’ll unlock this special level that’s honestly a bit challenging. It will take a lot of coordination and patience, that’s for sure. But once you complete it, you’ll get the Sound Off badge.

What does the Sound Off badge do in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

So what do you get for completing the toughest level in the game and collecting everything there is to collect? Well… Okay, Sound Off isn’t actually very useful.

Instead, the Sound Off badge will make all of the in-game sound effects more chaotic and goofy, turning them acapella. So basically if you feel like going through any level again, you can do it with an extra layer of humor.