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Some Aspects are more desirable than others depending on what class and build players are using in Diablo 4. For example, if you are a Frost Sorcerer, then you will hugely benefit from the Aspect of Piercing Cold, as that powers up your Ice Shards skill. Necromancers, on the other hand, have a much wider Aspect pool since there are so many builds you can go with.

One Aspect that many Necromancers have been trying to get their hands on to complete their build is the Aspect of Exposed Flesh.

This particular Aspect in Diablo 4 has the following effect: “Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to generate [30-50] Essence when hitting a Vulnerable enemy with your Bone Skills.” As many builds revolve around the Necromancer’s Bone Skills, players will want to equip this Aspect as soon as possible. However, it can only go on a Ring, so keep that in mind.

Below, I will explain exactly how you can go about acquiring the Aspect of Exposed Flesh in Diablo 4.

Getting the Aspect of Exposed Flesh in Diablo 4

How to get the Aspect of Exposed Flesh in Diablo 4
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Unlike some other popular Aspects in Diablo 4, this one for Necromancers cannot be unlocked by completing a dungeon. The Aspect of Exposed Flesh is not a reward from any dungeon, which means it will not be in your Codex of Power.

Instead, players will have to get lucky and find a random piece of legendary gear with the Aspect of Exposed Flesh already imprinted on it. From here, players can either use that specific piece of gear (a ring) or they can bring it to The Occultist. Players can then extract the Aspect from the ring and they will have it for use in their inventory. Aspects in your inventory are one-time-use items, though, so be careful when imprinting it onto another ring. The ring you extract the Aspect from will also be destroyed in this process.

And that’s everything that you need to know about acquiring and using the Aspect of Exposed Flesh in Diablo 4.

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