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Aspects play a huge role in the development of your character build in Diablo 4. As you continue to level up, you will begin to pair better gear with stronger Aspects that complement your build nicely. However, there are certain Aspects that players can’t figure out how to obtain.

Usually, players can simply complete a dungeon to receive the Aspect they desire in their Codex of Power. With some Aspects, though, such as the Accelerating Aspect, you will have to figure out alternative ways of acquiring them in Diablo 4.

The Accelerating Aspect can be used by any class in the game and has the following effect: “Critical Strikes with Core Skills increase your Attack Speed by [15-25]% for 5 seconds. ” It can only be equipped on 1H weapons, 2H weapons (100% increased power), Gloves, Amulets (50% increased power), and Rings.

If you want to see how to add the Accelerating Aspects to one of your gear pieces in Diablo 4, check out my guide below.

Getting the Accelerating Aspect in Diablo 4

As previously mentioned, the Accelerating Aspect cannot be obtained from any specific dungeon in Sanctuary. Instead, players will have to acquire the Aspect through sheer luck.

Unfortunately, the only way to obtain the Accelerating Aspect is to extract it from a random piece of legendary gear that you have looted. If you happen to find a gear piece with the Accelerating Aspect already equipped on it, you can bring it to The Occultist’s shop. Here, you can extract the Aspect from the gear, which destroys the gear and adds the Aspect to your inventory instead of the Codex of Power.

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Inventory Aspects are one-time use items, but they can be added to any compatible piece of gear at the Imprint screen in The Occultist’s shop. Imprinting the Aspect costs a bit of gold and materials, but once it’s done, you will gain access to its effects.

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