How to get Smoldering Butterfly in Elden Ring
Elden Ring Smoldering Butterfly
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How to get Smoldering Butterfly in Elden Ring

One of Elden Ring's newest materials
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In Elden Ring, there’s an entire open world to explore and as such, there are an overwhelming number of materials to gather. From fauna to drops from enemies and items found in dungeons, players will have their hands full trying to collect everything they need. However, one of the more confusing materials players might need to acquire in Elden Ring is called Smoldering Butterfly.

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Smoldering Butterfly is primarily used in the crafting of fire items. Once you acquire the Crafting Kit, you’ll be able to use the fiery butterfly to make these items and strengthen your chance at taking down enemies in Elden Ring. Of course, if you need Smoldering Butterfly for anything, you’ll need to know where to find it on the large and, at times, daunting map. Below, you can see exactly where to locate the item.

Finding Smoldering Butterfly in Elden Ring

The main location you can find Smoldering Butterfly in Elden Ring is above any burning fire. There will usually be three or four floating red butterflies, which is the signal to know that you can acquire Smoldering Butterfly from that specific fire.

All you need to do to add the material to your inventory is approach the fire. The option to “acquire materials” will appear, at which point all you need to do is press the interact option. If you need some quick Smoldering Butterfly, the camp at the Gatefront Ruins has a few fires with the material.

If fires aren’t your thing, though, the item can also be randomly found on dead bodies. However, this is a far less reliable way of finding the butterflies. Your best bet is to wander all around the map and find some small guard encampments or forts with fires burning. This way, you can get some other materials from the guards as well as add the Smoldering Butterfly to your inventory.

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