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There are some crafting materials that are simply rarer than others in Final Fantasy 16. Most of these materials are acquired by defeating a specific enemy, and this includes Scarletite. Scarletite is a material that is required for several different crafting recipes in Final Fantasy 16, and it can be quite difficult to acquire. Luckily, Scarletite is more easily acquired than other rare materials in the game.

Still, though, players will need to defeat some extremely tough enemies if they want to add this material to their inventory. Below, I will explain exactly how you can get your hands on Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16.

Getting Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16

There are two different ways to get Scarletite; one is through defeating specific Notorious Marks via the Hunting Board and the other is by completing a side quest. Four different Notorious Marks drop Scarletite as a reward for defeating them. You can see which marks drop the material and how much of it they drop below.

  • Dozmare, The Griffin (1) (Blacksmith Blues)
  • Fastitocalon (2) (Riddle of the Sands)
  • Ten of Clubs (1) (Things Fall Apart)
  • Holy Trumpitour (1) (Cloak and Dagger)

You need to complete specific quests in Final Fantasy 16 before these Notorious Marks are available to hunt on the Hunting Board. I have laid out which quests you need to complete next to the marks’ names on the list above.

In addition to eliminating those Notorious Marks, you can also acquire one Scarletite by completing the Hot Water side quest in Final Fantasy 16. This side quest becomes available after completing the quest Follow the Sands.

As you can see, there aren’t too many chances to get Scarletite in the game. The material is used in specific crafting recipes, though, such as the Drakeslayer’s Bracelet, which also requires Gelatinous Mass.

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