How to get Resin in Enshrouded
How to get Resin in Enshrouded
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How to get Resin in Enshrouded

A valuable resource in Embervale

There are dozens of resources you have access to extremely early on in Enshrouded. Resin is one that you might struggle to find, however, as it’s only found in one primary way during the first few hours of Enshrouded.

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Fortunately, once you do know how to find Resin, you can farm it endlessly, making any recipe that calls for it that much easier to craft. Before you can even think about using Resin, though, you need to craft some additional tools and know its location. You can see all of that plus some uses for Resin in the guide below.

Getting Resin in Enshrouded

First and foremost, you need to craft a basic axe in Enshrouded. This grants you the ability to chop down trees, which primarily lets you loot Wood Logs, but also Resin. To craft a basic axe, all you need are the following resources:

  • x4 Twigs
  • x1 Stone
  • x1 String

All of these resources can be either collected or crafted within the first hour of Enshrouded. Twigs are collected by looting green bushes, Stone is found in the grass or mined with a pickaxe, and String is crafted with Plant Fibers.

Resin falls from trees. Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you have all the necessary resources, head into your Crafting menu by pressing “V” and then scroll down to the “Survival” tab. Here, you can craft your axe and begin to chop down some trees in the forest. As you are chopping down trees, you’ll notice that Wood Logs fall around you. However, most trees will also yield another resource, Resin. Resin falls just like Wood Logs, but not in the same quantities. I usually can loot one or two Resin per tree I chop down, depending on the size of the tree.

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With your Resin, you are halfway to crafting a Staff in Enshrouded, which is a powerful magic ranged weapon that can deal a ton of damage to certain enemies. You also need Resin for more advanced crafting recipes, but you don’t have to worry about those yet.

A Staff is the earliest recipe that requires Resin. Screenshot via Upcomer

If you’re worried about storing your Resin because you’re running out of backpack space, read my previous guide on how to make a storage chest in Enshrouded.

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