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There are several high-priority minerals and other resources that you will need early and often in Starfield. Whether you need a resource for a weapon/spacesuit mod, research project, or to complete a structure in your Outpost, there are a few resources that will pop up more than others. Nickel is one of those resources in Starfield, as you need it for several different crafting recipes in the early-mid game.

Nickel is a mineral that can be found in several different locations across the Settled Systems. While you can find it sparingly by mining deposits in random spots on a planet, there are much better ways to go about acquiring the mineral. Below, I’ll go over the ways I have been able to stockpile Nickel by the hundreds in Starfield.

Getting Nickel in Starfield

First off, there are two primary ways that I would go about trying to get Nickel. I will go over each method separately below so you can get the full scope of what you’re going to be doing.

Buying Nickel from vendors

The first and most expensive way of adding Nickel to your inventory is to purchase it directly from vendors. I found that most general vendors sell Nickel for pretty cheap and usually have around 15-20 of the item in their inventory.

However, if you really want to purchase large amounts of Nickel, you can visit specialized mining shops in Starfield. The two most prominent mining shops are located in Akila City and Neon, and both shops sell Nickel and other minerals in high quantities. On Akila, you’re looking for Midtown Minerals, which is found right to the left of The Rock bar. On Neon, you want to visit the Mining League, which is found right on the main street in the city.

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Other general traders will sell Nickel as well, as previously stated, so you can purchase a solid amount of the mineral if you desire. This will start to become quite expensive, though.

Using an Extractor to mine Nickel

Nickel is available on this planet. | Screenshot via Upcomer

This is the method that is most cost-effective and will yield the most Nickel. I have a full guide on how to use an Extractor to mine minerals, but I’ll also give you some basic steps in this guide as well. Here are the steps you need to follow to mine Nickel in Starfield:

  • Find a planet that has Nickel available. This is done by scanning a planet from your galaxy map
  • When you find one that has Nickel, survey the planet and land at a spot where Nickel is found
  • On the surface, pull out your scanner and keep searching until you find Nickel on the ground. This will turn the ground a different color. You’re not looking for a deposit, but rather an entire area of Nickel
  • Set up an Outpost near this area and then build an Extractor on the spot where this Nickel is. The Extractor can only be placed on the ground where the Nickel is located
  • Power the Extractor using a generator, wind turbine, or solar array
  • Build a Storage Container nearby and set up an Outpost Link going from the Extractor to the containe
  • Nickel will be mined using the Extractor and then go into the Storage Container
Nickel in Starfield
The Extractor set up you want at your Outpost. | Screenshot via Upcomer

With this system, you will passively mine over 100 Nickel in about an hour. Using this method, you will essentially never run out of Nickel in Starfield. However, sometimes you will need to repair the Extractor or its power source, so always remember to keep coming back to the Outpost to check on the machines. You also want to continuously empty the Storage Container, as it can only hold so much weight and Nickel will stop being mined if your container is at max capacity.

And there you have it, the best ways to get Nickel in Starfield.

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