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There are dozens of resources that you will need for a variety of reasons in Starfield. Whether you’re trying to construct an item or structure at your Outpost or you need to research a specific project, resources will come into play. While you might most of the resources you need at a given time, there is always one pesky resource you can never seem to find. For me, that pesky resource in Starfield has been Metabolic Agent.

Metabolic Agent is required in several early research projects as well as some Outpost crafting recipes. When I first saw I needed Metabolic Agent, I had absolutely no idea where to find it. Then, as the game went on, I began to discover a couple of methods to reliably add it to my inventory. Here’s how to never run out of the stuff.

Getting Metabolic Agent in Starfield

get Metabolic Agent in Starfield
Metabolic Agent. | Screenshot via Upcomer

There are two primary ways that I found are fairly reliable to find Metabolic Agent. While this won’t guarantee you all the Metabolic Agent you might need over the entire game, you should be able to source enough to serve your needs for the time being.

The first and most reliable way to go about getting Metabolic Agent in Starfield is by purchasing it from vendors. If you go to a general trader, such as Zuri on The Key or Newill’s Goods on Neon, they will always have a stocked “Resources” tab where you can buy all the resources you might need. Since Metabolic Agent is only considered a common resource, it should be in stock whenever you visit a general trader.

If you visit a vendor and they don’t have Metabolic Agent for sale, then the only other way I recommend going about finding the resource is to visit a planet with hostile creatures. By killing and looting these alien life forms, you have a decent chance of finding Metabolic Agent on their dead bodies. However, this is far from a guarantee, and not every alien has the chance to drop Metabolic Agent.

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I found that the planets in the Cassiopeia and Olympus systems had some especially hostile creatures that did drop Metabolic Agent rather consistently. My advice is to simply hop from planet to planet looking for creatures to kill and hopefully, you will stumble upon a decent amount of Metabolic Agent.

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