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As a Druid, you have the choice of picking a few different forms to take in Diablo 4. One of those forms is a Werebear, which is arguably the strongest one. If you have chosen to primarily wield this form, then you will likely be on the lookout for the best gear pieces that boost the Werebear. Insatiable Fury is one of the top picks for a chest armor that boosts the Werebear form as a Druid in Diablo 4.

Insatiable Fury is a unique chest armor that comes with four different affixes, including a boost to physical and overpower damage as well as damage reduction while fortified and extra armor while in the Werebear form. In addition to that, the Legendary Aspect that comes equipped on Insatiable Fury has the following effect: “Werebear form is now your true form, and you gain +2 Ranks to all Werebear Skills.” As you can see, you won’t find a better chest armor if you’re going to wield the Werebear form as a Druid.

If you’re interested in looting Insatiable Fury in Diablo 4, then you can check out my guide below.

Getting Insatiable Fury in Diablo 4

Some players might have been expecting this answer, but there is no concrete way to go about acquiring Insatiable Fury in Diablo 4. As with all unique items in the game, Insatiable Fury can be earned as a random loot drop from an enemy or chest. The only requirement to obtain it as a drop is to play on either World Tier 3 or 4.

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I suggest you start with doing Helltide events and opening large Tortured Gift chests that require a ton of Abherrant Cinders. You can also complete Nightmare Dungeons to have a strong chance of earning unique items as random drops. However, you will have to rely on luck for the most part and hope that Insatiable Fury drops for you sooner rather than later. I’m personally still waiting for this drop at 200 hours in, for reference.

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