How to get Howl from Below in Diablo 4
How to get Howl from Below in Diablo 4
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How to get Howl from Below in Diablo 4

A unique item for Necromancers

The Corpse Explosion Necromancer is still one of the most popular builds for the undead class in Diablo 4. As such, many players will likely be looking for the best gear and Legendary Aspects to enhance their build. For players that are currently in the endgame of Diablo 4, you can try and loot the Howl from Below Gloves, which are arguably the best pair of Gloves you can equip for this particular Necromancer build.

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The Howl from Below Gloves have a 792 Item Power and offer affixes that boost lucky hit chance, corpse skill attack speed, and give players two lucky hits to stun and fear enemies. The Legendary Aspect on the Gloves also has the following effect: “Instead of detonating immediately, Corpse Explosion summons a volatile skeleton that charges at a random enemy and explodes. Corpse Explosion’s damage is increased by (30 to 40)%.”

Howl from Below is one of the best gear pieces a Necromancer can loot, so take a look below for a full guide on how to acquire them.

Getting Howl from Below in Diablo 4

Howl From Below in Diablo 4
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For starters, you will need to be playing on World Tier 4 to have any chance of looting the Howl from Below Gloves. This is because the gloves are of Ancestral rarity, and these items only drop on World Tier 4. You will likely need to be around level 70 in order to complete the World Tier 4 Capstone Dungeon. After doing so, you can switch to that world tier and begin hunting Howl from Below.

Unfortunately, your hunting will have to rely on luck. Like all other unique items in Diablo 4, Howl from Below is a completely random drop from enemies and chests on the map. I recommend taking on Helltide events and Nightmare Dungeons for the best chances of success. However, you could complete a regular dungeon and face similar odds of receiving the Howl from Below Gloves as a loot drop.

I have found that trying to farm bosses, such as Duriel in Season 2, is also another great way of earning legendary items on World Tier 4. You can also try to fight Uber Duriel if you have made it far enough in Season of Blood.

It will all come down to RNG in any case, so stay patient and hopefully, your Necromancer build won’t have to wait too long to equip Howl from Below. I’m personally still looking for it, so don’t get your hopes up too high that you’ll find it quickly.

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