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No matter what task you want to accomplish in Diablo 4, you will likely need crafting materials and ingredients in order to accomplish it. Whether you need Crushed Beast Bones to make a better healing potion or Angelbreath to make your favorite elixir, crafting materials will always be important in the world of Sanctuary.

Now, there are some materials that players might have no idea how to obtain. If you’ve been looking for Demon’s Heart in Diablo 4, then you came to the right place.

Demon’s Heart is described in-game exactly how it sounds. All the in-game description says is that it’s “Found in the bodies of demons.” Naturally, many players might have flocked to the nearest demon sighting in Diablo 4 in hopes of acquiring a Demon’s Heart for their own uses.

Unfortunately, Demon’s Heart doesn’t come that easily to players. Instead, it’s one of the tougher resources to find in all of Sanctuary. I will explain more about how to acquire this particular crafting material in the guide below.

Getting Demon’s Heart in Diablo 4

Demon's Heart Diablo 4
Screengrab via Upcomer

It’s true that the in-game description offers players the exact way to acquire a Demon’s Heart. All you need to do is find a demon and hope that it drops you a Demon’s Heart after you’ve killed it. However, this a rare chance, as I have played well over 75 hours and only managed to obtain 22 Demon’s Hearts.

If you’re looking for a location with plenty of demons to slay, I recommend the Tormented Ruins dungeon in Fractured Peaks. This is the first dungeon you can explore in the game and it’s chock-full of demons to slay. Luckily, even after beating it once, you can continually return to it to farm Demon’s Heart if you wish.

There are also some spots where you can farm a single enemy for Demon’s Heart. There is the rare demon Alumn on the western side of the map in Dry Steppes, as seen in the screenshot below.

To farm this enemy, simply keep killing them, collecting their loot drops, fats travel away, and then return to the location to find them again. The Alumn enemy seems to have a high chance to drop Demon’s Heart, so you should be able to get the material quickly using this method.

If you find other enemies that drop Demon’s Heart, you can use this same farming process. Simply defeat the enemy, pick up their loot, fast travel away, and come back to repeat the process. This is easier with single enemies, though, as dungeons take a while to get through. However, if you find a dungeon with a large amount of demons, you can simply keep running it until you get enough Demon’s Heart to satisfy your needs.

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