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The Season 1 update has arrived in Diablo 4, and players can now begin their journey in the Seasonal Realm with a new character. With their new character, players can take part in all that Season 1 has to offer, which includes a fresh questline and the Malignant Battle Pass. The Battle Pass has a free and premium track, with the latter costing real-life money.

While some players might not want to pay for new cosmetics, this means they won’t be able to unlock the Coldiron Armor sets in Diablo 4.

Coldiron Armor is the highlight of the Season 1 Battle Pass. It’s a purely cosmetic armor set that can be applied for all five classes in the game. Luckily, once you unlock one piece of the armor set, it becomes unlocked for every single class. This means you don’t have to level up the Battle Pass with all of the classes.

Instead, you unlock different styles for each class when you unlock a piece of the Coldiron Armor set.

Unlocking the Coldiron Armor in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Coldiron Armor
Image via Blizzard

As previously mentioned, the Coldiron Armor is only unlocked by ranking up your premium Battle Pass in Season 1. At different tiers along the Battle Pass, you will unlock different pieces to the Coldiron Armor set. One tier will unlock the helm while another will unlock the maul.

Once you have a piece of Coldiron Armor you want to use, you can visit the Transmog wardrobe and equip the armor on your character. Every class has a different aesthetic with the armor set, so your Barbarian and Sorcerer will not look the same when wearing the armor.

You can also unlock the Awoken Coldiron Barding, which is a new armor set for your mount. This is unlocked at tier 90 on the Battle Pass and you can equip the mount’s armor by visiting a stable.