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Early on in Elden Ring, you’ll discover a place called the Roundtable Hold. You get here by talking to Melina at a Site of Grace after you’ve progressed into Stormhill. This area is quite spectacular, with numerous interesting NPCs to talk to, a random boss encounter and some valuable loot. However, after you depart for the first time, the game makes it seemingly impossible to get back.

Even if you rest at every Site of Grace possible, you won’t get an option to return to the Roundtable. This is problematic, as some of the main story progression is found in this area by talking to NPCs. Also, the area begins to open up the more and more you visit it.

Returning to the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring

The Roundtable Hold is actually a fast travelable destination in Elden Ring. If you bring up your map, you will see that the location isn’t readily viewable. If you zoom all the way out and look in the bottom-left corner, though, you will see a location called the “Table of Lost Grace.” You can see for yourself in the map screenshot below.

Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring
The Roundtable Hold can be found at the bottom of the map. | Provided by FromSoftware

This location is actually the Roundtable Hold, and can be traveled to at any time, provided you’re not in a dungeon. Just hover your cursor over the middle of the black icon and press A/X on controller and E on keyboard. Then, you’ll be transported right back to the Roundtable Hold, this time with some more NPCs to talk to and other areas of the hub opened up. Make sure to talk to every NPC you come across to hear more story elements and possibly earn some extra loot.

It’s worthwhile to visit the Roundtable Hold anytime you defeat a new boss, acquire a mysterious new item — such as Deathroot — or make progress in the story. Chances are there will be more to do on your next visit.

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