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Have you noticed one of your friends on Discord have animated borders around their avatar? If you’re like me, you immediately wonder how they managed to get that and how you can snag a fancy border for your avatar.

Luckily, the process to obtain animated borders for your avatar on Discord is extremely simple. There is a catch, though, and it’s that the borders are not free. There is a wide-ranging number of borders to choose from, all with varying prices, however, so you don’t have to spend too much to get something to spice up your avatar.

Below, you can see exactly how to get animated borders for your avatar on Discord.

Getting animated borders on Discord

The animated borders are a new feature on Discord that were introduced near the start of December in 2023. They are officially called “Avatar Decorations” and can be purchased by any Discord user, regardless of whether you’re a Nitro user or not. However, Nitro users do receive discounts on the prices for all Avatar Decorations, so that’s something to consider if you were thinking about subscribing to Nitro lately.

To see and buy the Avatar Decorations, go to your Profile tab in the Discord settings. Here, you can see options to change your Avatar and change the Decoration. You want to select “Change Decoration,” which will bring up a menu of available animated borders to purchase. To see more borders, click the pink “Go to Shop” button to view all of the available Avatar Decorations currently available.

Image via Discord

You can see the price and the discounted Nitro price for any Avatar Decoration by looking right underneath the Decoration’s name. All of the Decorations are separated into different categories, which include Winter Wonderland, Anime, Breakfast, etc. Some of the Decorations, which are under the DISXCORE category, are included with a premium Nitro subscription ($10 per month).

Once you find the Decoration you want to buy, click on it, go through the purchasing process, and you can immediately put it on your Discord avatar. You can remove or change the Decoration by going back to your Profile page in the settings.

There will likely be more animated borders coming soon to Discord, so be sure to keep checking the Avatar Decorations shop to see if there are any new ones you wish to buy.