How to fix the "Arknet Connection Lost" error in Redfall
Arknet Connection Lost Redfall
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How to fix the “Arknet Connection Lost” error in Redfall

A common error message in Redfall

The launch of Redfall has not gotten off to the best start, with players complaining about performance issues, gameplay bugs, and constant crashing across PC and Xbox. While these problems will require some updates on the part of the developers, another issue popped up recently that players aren’t even sure what to do about. The recent issue is an error message that many players are seeing in Redfall, and it reads “Arknet Connection Lost.”

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This error message pops up when players try to start the game from the initial lobby screen when they need to “press Enter” to play. As a result, players can’t even get into the game to check their settings or do anything else in Redfall.

If you want to see how to fix the Arknet Connection Lost error from occurring in Redfall, we have a good solution that worked for us.

Fixing the “Arknet Connection Lost” error in Redfall

From what we can gather, this particular error message stems directly from the servers in Redfall being taken offline. If players try to access the game when the servers are offline, they will be greeted with the error message, which basically indicates they need to come back later to try and play.

Redfall is an “always online” game, so players can’t play without the servers being online. The developers likely instituted the Arknet Connection Lost error as a way to keep players from accessing Redfall while the servers are down. We previously went over how to check the server status of Redfall, but if you want to check the current status, you can visit the Bethesda Support or the official Redfall Twitter accounts.

If the servers are not down but you are still seeing the Arknet Connection Lost error message, then you should attempt to contact Bethesda Support. They should be able to help resolve whatever issue is going on with your game. You can do so by messaging them on Twitter or through their website.

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