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An early side quest you can take on in Starfield is called Tapping the Grid, and it requires you to help out a woman named Louisa Reyez with restoring power to The Wells area. Louisa will have you run from Junction Box to Junction Box to see where the power shortage is coming from. Eventually, while working with a woman from the Trade Authority, you will have to reach a Junction Box on the upper level of The Wells in Starfield.

There is no discernable way of reaching this Junction Box, as it’s located on the very top level of the area. If you don’t reach this Junction Box, you won’t be able to complete the Tapping the Grid side quest. So, to make matters easier, I have laid out exactly how you can reach this Junction Box in the guide below.

Finding the upper level Junction Box in The Wells in Starfield

In The Wells, you need to find a bar called Jake’s, which is located right underneath the quest marker for the Junction Box. Jake’s has a red “J” logo and has a few different entrances and exits. You want to head into Jake’s and go out the side door, which should be about 35 clicks away from the Junction Box quest marker.

Going out this side door, as seen in the screenshot below, will put you right in front of a stairwell leading up. These are the stairs you need to go up to reach the upper level of The Wells and eventually the Junction Box.

find the upper level Junction Box in Starfield
The location of the stairwell you need to access outside of Jake’s. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Simply keep following the path from the stairs and, after a few turns, you will find yourself in front of the Junction Box. Be careful, though, as there is a slight gap in the metal bridge that separates you from the Junction Box. Simply jump over this gap right before the Junction Box, activate it, and then follow Louisa’s advice to continue and complete the Tapping the Grid quest in Starfield.

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You will have to find a couple more boxes inside The Wells, but these aren’t difficult to reach. The quest is wrapped up by going to the Residential District to shut off the final box, finding who was responsible for the power shortage, and then deciding to side with either Louisa or the Trade Authority woman.

I sided with Louisa, as she was the one who started this whole quest. Siding with the Trade Authority will net you some credits in Starfield, though.

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