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One of the harder main story quests that you will experience in Diablo 4 is called Wrack & Ruin. It’s an Act 4 quest that takes place immediately after you complete the quest called Tainted Flesh. During this Diablo 4 quest, you will be required to find the Serpent’s Left and Right Eye in order to proceed.

I, for one, struggled for several minutes before eventually finding both eyes, so allow me to fully explain how to complete this quest so you can breeze right through it.

Finding the Serpent’s Left and Right Eye in Diablo 4

To start off, Wrack & Ruin has you speak to Timue to find the lost town of Yngovani. You need to search a large area on the map to find it, but you can find the town in the center of the yellow search area. Once you discover the temple door to the city, you will be given a new objective, which is to find the Serpent’s Left and Right Eye.

The Left Eye is found to the north of the temple door at a campsite that is being overrun by serpents. This is the easier eye to find, as the game will give you a fairly precise location to find the eye. After running through the campsite, all you need to do is ask the surviving bandit “what happened,” and they will give you the Left Eye.

For the Right Eye, you need to travel to the east of the temple door. In the search area you are given, you will find a bunch of slain corpses on the ground near a large statue of a five-headed serpent. To find the Right Eye, you need to keep searching the corpses’ bodies until the eye pops out. I managed to find the Right Eye by searching a corpse at the top of the stairs to the statue, but your experience may differ.

find the Serpent's Left and Right Eye in Diablo 4
The location of the Serpent’s Right Eye in Diablo 4. | Screengrab via Upcomer

Once you have both eyes, return to the temple door, insert both eyes into their slots on the serpent, and the door will open, revealing the way to Ygnovani. Wrack & Ruin is now complete in Diablo 4, and you can move on to the next quest in Act 4.

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