How to find the Rusty Key and get through Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring
Elden Ring Stormveil Castle rusty key
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How to find the Rusty Key and get through Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring

Find the key and progress through the castle

Stormveil Castle is one of the most frustrating, yet beautiful, locations in all of Elden Ring. For players that made it past Margit The Fell, Omen, they’re immediately greeted with the maze that is the castle. There are numerous turns and different routes that you can go and get lost throughout the process. There are also brand new enemies that can really cause some havoc if you’re not careful in your travels. However, perhaps the most frustrating part of Stormveil Castle is trying to get through a certain door that leads to the outside.

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This door is locked from the inside and requires a key to get through. This key is in a strange spot in the castle, though, leaving some players confused as to how to progress. Fear not if you’re in this position, as the guide below explains how to acquire the Rusty Key so you can progress in Elden Ring’s giant castle.

Finding the Stormveil Castle Rusty Key in Elden Ring

Once you get to the door, keep going up the stairs that are 180 degrees behind the door. There will be a skeleton that throws a fire bomb you need to avoid. Once he throws it and blows up the barrels, keep going and kill him. Take a left and you’ll find a couple more skeletons you need to beat.

Now, you’ll be in a room with seemingly no exit. But, if you’re standing at the entrance to the room, there’s actually a door on the right side wall. Open this door, head inside and you will be greeted by a giant guard with the intention of killing you.

Elden Ring Rusty Key
The Rusty Key found in Stormveil Castle. | Provided by FromSoftware

From here, you have two choices. You can either try to defeat this guard, which is tough since there’s little light in the room. Or you can make a beeline for the northwest side of the room and open up the treasure chest. Inside, there will be the Rusty Key that you need to open up the door in the other room.

With the key in hand, you can open up the door and climb up the ladder to get to the outside of the castle. Things don’t get easier from here, though, so prepare for tougher fights that culminate with battling the hardest boss yet.

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