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There are dozens of Talismans you can loot and equip in Elden Ring. Each one is useful for a specific character, with some being a little more useful for a wide variety of builds. The Pearldrake Talisman in Elden Ring is one such that’s more designed for any character fed up with magical enemies.

The Talisman negates all non-physical damage, so this essentially means any elemental or magical damage that comes your way will be reduced when wearing it. Whether you’re a mage or melee character, the Pearldrake Talisman can be useful in dealing with any annoying non-melee enemy.

Unfortunately, the Pearldrake Talisman is in a strange location that will require some groundwork to acquire. Down below, you can see the exact steps to find the Pearldrake Talisman.

Finding the Pearldrake Talisman in Elden Ring

The Pearldrake Talisman is technically found in Crumbling Farum Azula. This is a late-game location in Elden Ring that usually can’t be reached until after completing Leyndell, Royal Capital. However, there is one shortcut that can get you to a small portion of the location.

Pearldrake Talisman Elden Ring
The Pearldrake Talisman being looted in Elden Ring. | Provided by FromSoftware

That shortcut is through the Four Belfries. This is a location in northwest Liurnia that can transport you to three different spots in Elden Ring. Those spots are the Chapel of Anticipation, where you can fight the tutorial boss again, Nokron, the Eternal City and Crumbling Farum Azula. To get into any of the Four Belfries portals, you will need an Imbued Sword Key, which you can find out how to acquire in our previous guide.

Once you have an Imbued Sword Key, go to the very first portal at the Four Belfries. This will take you to Crumbling Farum Azula. From where you spawn, go left and drop down to the platform. Then, you’ll need to jump to the small pillar to the right of this platform. You’ll once again need to jump down to the platform below where you are on the pillar. However, there are two enemies down there who will defeat you very easily. Try to range them with magic or a bow from your spot on the pillar.

If you’ve defeated the enemies, jump down and then go to the backside of the platform you’re on. You’ll see another platform to drop down to, which is where the Pearldrake Talisman is located. There are two other higher variants of this Talisman you can find later on to further negate non-physical damage.

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