How to find the Ferry Deck Key in Redfall
Ferry Deck Key in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda

How to find the Ferry Deck Key in Redfall

The first key of Redfall

When you first start your journey in Redfall, you will be on a crashed boat that is surrounded by waves, vampires, and dead bodies. You don’t have much information to go on, but it’s clear that you want to get off the boat and onto dry land as soon as possible. As you start to make your way through the boat, you might discover a locked door that requires the Ferry Deck key, which can be quite difficult to find in Redfall.

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The locked door leads to the Ferry Deck, which is essentially an outside part of the boat that leads to dry land. If you want to find the key and get off the boat in Redfall, keep reading our guide below.

Finding the Ferry Deck Key in Redfall

If you’re just starting out in Redfall, then can follow along with the main path the game sets out for you to start. This involves finding health and making your way to the lower deck to turn the power on and find the handgun inside of a car.

However, once you make your way to the area with all of the tables and the coffee shop, you want to stop. Here, you need to go toward the glass windows, shoot at one of them with your gun, and go through to make it to the outside deck.

Provided by Bethesda

Turn right once you’re outside to find an open hatch. Go down the hatch and you will find a key hanging from a dead man’s body. This is the Ferry Deck key, and you can pick it up and then open the door right in front of you. Go back up the stairs that are now in front of you and then head straight to find and unlock the Ferry Deck door in Redfall using your new key.

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